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Investing in Specialism

The Buy-Side Accounting & Finance Recruiters

Michael Muir, Founder

It has been 18 years and I’m still fascinated by recruitment.

Because delivering successful recruitment services is both a science and an art, as well as each situation being unique.

When done well, it positively impacts many lives, so it remains a cause I will be engaged in for as long as I am able.

When done poorly, it creates more damage than most think, particularly when factoring in opportunity cost and team moral.

Even so mis-hires are understandable given recruiting the best is competitive, nuanced and too often slow. Which can lead to compromised hires born out of necessity or frustration.

Leaders share stories of shortlists lacking quality, candidates not engaged in the process, or a poor cultural fit.

It’s a longstanding and complicated problem showing no sign of easing, even in 2023.

And I’ve found there is no silver bullet.

Instead, I have discovered a set of strategies, processes and values that improve recruitment outcomes significantly.

This has led to me being an agent of choice, successfully solving challenging recruitment issues for leaders from large corporates through to ambitious SMBs.

My aim is to continue with passion, integrating innovation into recruitment, without letting go of the fundamentals that work.

Thank you to everyone I’ve worked with, met, or had in-depth conversations with so far.

I’m excited to collaborate with both new and old in the future.

Hyper specialised, enabling intelligent insight and class lead talent acquisition
Exhaustive market mapping and analysis, creative headhunting combined with rigorous vetting
We balance your time to hire against acceptable risk, ensuring the optimal service delivered


Tailored recruitment solutions balancing time to hire against acceptable risk, ensuring optimal service is delivered


Our Premium Service

Our most comprehensive and detailed search with the highest level of service available.  Up to 6 weeks of headhunting, increased levels of vetting, testing and progress reports.  Assuring exceptional shortlists and de-risking the process as much as possible.


Project Based Search

A creative and intense headhunt campaign unlocking the often higher quality ‘passive’ audience and resulting in multiple top calibre candidates, who are expertly matched.  Bringing search methodology to contingent engagements.


Top Talent, Quickly

Our expedient offering aimed at securing high calibre talent, quickly.  You will have less comparison of candidates on the shortlist and less time invested into the headhunting campaign, but still gain access to our innovative Talent I.D. methodologies.  For when time is of the essence.

Private Equity

VC, Growth Capital, Mid-Market, Leverage Buy-Out, Turnaround

Infrastructure & Sustainable

'Clean' Energy, Transportation and Public Services

Sectors Covered


Private Banks, Wealth Managers (platforms & traditional) & Family Offices

Property Investment

Commercial, Residential, Logistics, Special Situation, Student Accom, Build-to-Rent & Leasing

Hedge Funds

Event, Long & Short Equity, Macro, Credit, Arbitrage, Relative Value...

Asset Managers

Active, Passive & ETFs

Why Use BSR?

We achieve world-class shortlists, in record time, at a competitive price with a high level of service.

Innovative Process

  1. Tailored Recruitment Solutions
  2. Transparent Pricing Structure
  3. ‘Talent Vetting’ (see Talent I.D.)
  4. ‘Talent Foresight’ (see Talent I.D.)
  5. 90% of market already mapped! (see Talent I.D.)
  6. Holistic specifications

Hyper Specialism

  1. Buy Side Accounting Only
  2. Increases % of community with relationships
  3. Targeted, resonating headhunt campaigns
  4. Knowledgeable career Advice
  5. Abreast of industry news
  6. Nuances and technicalities understood

Recruitment Intelligence

  1. Passive Talent Pipelines
  2. Gender diversity insights
  3. Ethnic minority insights
  4. Future Leader mapping
  5. Skill gap assessment
  6. Competitor analysis

But don’t just take his word for it!

Here are what some of our clients have to say..