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Our Ethos

Standing out in an increasingly crowed market can feel like chasing a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!
We need beliefs and values, guiding us through the endless head wind
Investing In Specialism, striving for innovation and caring for our candidates, client and consultant communities will set us apart

Investing in Specialism

Our Energy, Resource & Thoughts

A specialist will make fewer mistakes, familiar with terminology and nuances.  Ultimately saving time, gaining credibility and becoming a voice of authority. 

They develop rich technical knowledge, deep community insight and can focus all of their efforts on a smaller community.  Also the cost of unethical or second rate service is higher, embedded in a close knit network.  But the reward being often business is won through word of mouth.   Making a specialist eager to please!

Innovating Recruitment

Even When Winning

The recruitment industry needs professionalisation, innovation and evolution.  It takes a lot of flack and is under threat from different models, if we keep losing the battles, we may just lose the war.  There is a void between a small percentage of innovative firms, and then the rest.  We stand out through hyper-specialisation and that pays our bills.  But for us that isn’t enough, we want to innovate recruitment solutions, firstly recruitment as a product and then enhancing the whole experience.  Currently we have innovated  with practices such as Talent Foresight, Hallmark Vetting and Talent Mapping.  But what about how we collaborate with clients, and how we showcase our best candidates.  Most importantly we constantly iterate and innovate how we do things, even if winning against our competitors.

All I can say is watch this space.

Take Care of the 3 C's

Our Candidates, Clients & Consultants

A tri-factor, each as important as the next.  Coming together during a ‘transaction’, a recruitment process is when this tri-factor is at it’s best.  Aiding one another as their specific roles suggest.  But what about when we aren’t transacting, what time energy and actions should be taken then?  What drives those actions and what are we trying to achieve?  By caring we think about these questions and how best to positively fulfil them.