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Career Planning

Optimise your career trajectory
Understand the different paths to the top
Be aware of the implications of each career move, which doors open and which doors close
  1. Career Goal – Determine a end goal within your expertise, Make each step along the way in keeping with that goal, even if not your ideal role
  2. Choosing an industry – Work out which industry is of interest, but does is your known interest make it a good career move, What is does the average company look like in your industry – size, structure, how many are there, Is there a trend of near-shoring, off-shoring or cost reduction?
  3. Choosing a size of organisation – What size of organisation and what are the pros and cons of company sizes
  4. Choosing a functional discipline
  5. Choosing a legal structure or where in life-cycle

What it means to be a tax professional has changed enormously in the past decade. No longer a back-office function, tax is an ever more focal part of businesses across the globe.

This means that getting the balance right between specialist tax knowledge and commercial acumen is essential to progress – but it’s not an easy one to strike.