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The Founder

16 years Accounting Recruitment Experience giving you intelligent and clear advice
Knowledge that unbeatable service to customers is given when immersed in hyper-specialism
Strong desire to help you attract the very best talent or obtain a career enhancing opportunity

Michael Muir

16 years in Accounting & Finance Recruitment


Thank you for visiting, taking the time to understand if Buy Side Recruitment can support you.

Finding career defining roles in ideally matched investment firms, or attracting top talent is not straightforward.  Complaints being it takes too long, and misunderstandings result in wasted time.

Fund Industries are vast and complex, Accounting technical and nuanced so it is a baffling ecosystem to understand.

Having been focused on trying solve this challenge for 16 years, I’ve seen most peers come and go.  I’m more energised than ever to continue innovating and piecing together the complex puzzle.

In 2020 expectations of ‘external’ recruitment services are high, competing with direct hiring methods.  Unbeatable results occur when led by a hyper-specialist.  Focusing an inch wide and a mile deep.  Or more clearly on a single functional discipline, across closely related vertical markets.  And for a substantial period of time developing rich knowledge and unparalleled insights.

Additionally we engage clients with innovative and tailored recruitment solutions.  Assessing seniority, expediency and level of de-risking to determine which solution.  Take a look at Talent I.D. Executive, Professional and Express to see how we suggest managing that.

Innovation is critical, Talent Mapping, Talent Foresight and Talent Hallmarks are three such innovations that underpin Talent I.D. taking our offering way beyond the market standard.

My aim is to continue to professionalise and innovate recruitment, aiming to delight the Fund Industry finance community.

And thank you to everyone I’ve worked with so far.  It makes me proud having recruited 500+ finance professionals, and to call top investment firms’ clients.  Looking forward to good years ahead.

If you think we can work together, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The door is open.